5 changes to Facebook and Instagram you need to know about

Sunday 11 September, 2016 | By: Jenny Letts | Tags: social media, Facebook, Instagram


Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of social media, however after starting my own business I came to realise that people are interested in the story behind why you do what you do and social media is the perfect platform to communicate and document that story.

However, there are times when I feel so overwhelmed and out of touch with the advances in social media, particularly around keeping up with new technology and features being released. Take the last few weeks and an example… InstaStories, Facebook Live, Facebook Messenger Instant Video… boy it has been a big few weeks in the world of social media.

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Don’t stress however, here are 5 new changes to Facebook and Instagram you need to know about to stay ahead:

1. Instagram now has a zoom function for photos
This may not sound like a big deal, but to any avid Insta-fan, believe me it is. Now we have the ability to see the detail in the photos, particularly helpful for showing the material details in dresses, the bling in the jewellery and the odd occasional hilarious background on an unsuspecting selfie.

2. Introducing InstaStories
Instagram have also released InstaStories which provides the viewer with a series of quick little videos that can be edited with text and drawings that disappear after 24 hours. Sounds somewhat similar to Snapchat, but Instagram has twice as many daily users.

The goal of Instagram Stories is to allow a business come to life in the present, so the content captured in these videos need to be personable in order to draw the customers into their brand. However, as these videos only last for 24 hours, businesses need to be aware of the time that posts are being made, ensuring to capture the audience, allowing them to be a part of the businesses day.

An exciting little extra value tip here, is that you if you have Snapchat and managed to save some video (to My Messages on Snapchat) you can upload it to Instagram Stories by swiping down, so now you can apply your snapchat filters and upload.

3. Facebook Live Videos
This nifty little addition to Facebook seems to have taken off, effectively this is a ‘live’ broadcast that you can feed straight to your audience and are saved to the profile page after the broadcast has finished. Facebook tweaked their algorithm so that the Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear and higher in the news feed when they are actually live. It is pretty cool as an audience member to be invited to sit in on a conversation that is happening right now, and as the viewer you feel a sense of being included and privileged.

4. Facebook 360 Photos
Facebook also recently introduced its Facebook 360 Photos, which is an amazing way to show where you are to your audience. As the name suggests, it’s a photo which captures a 360 degree view of your surroundings. Think panoramic on steroids. This feature is a very interactive approach to advertising your surroundings and I can see this feature being a success for physical shops or as a virtual tour of the stock held in your business.

5. Facebook Messenger Instant Video
As of the beginning of September, Facebook also added a video feature to Messenger, again jumping on the instant video bandwagon. As this feature is only in Messenger, it may not be a widely used business tool in comparison to InstaStories or Snapchat.


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About the contributor:

Jenny Letts is a forensic accountant, who specialises in helping people understand the value of their intangible assets, such as businesses, goodwill, royalties, intellectual property etc particularly during periods of change.
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