5 NBN myths

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of Australians think that connecting to the NBN is optional and they can continue to keep their existing broadband connection.

Reality: As part of the government's initiative to provide high-speed broadband internet to homes and businesses, you will need to switch over to the NBN once the service is rolled out in your area.


1 in 5

people think that NBN Co will be their internet provider and they don't have to sign up with an ISP.

Reality: NBN Co is a government-owned organisation building our National Broadband Network. As a customer, you won't access your internet services through NBN Co and need to choose a retail service provider such as iiNet to get you connected.


of people don't know that an NBN connection provides both internet and phone services. 

Reality: When the NBN comes to your area, it will replace almost all phone lines and ADSL Internet so you'll need to switch over if you want to keep these services.


of people do not understand the process they need to follow to get an NBN service connected to their premises.

Reality: From the moment NBN Co begins construction in your area, it will take 12 months until you can access the NBN service. At this point, you'll need to choose a retail service provider such as iiNet and an NBN plan.


of people believe the old copper system will be disconnected sometime between 6 months and 5 years.

Reality: Typically, NBN Co will disconnect the existing copper network 18 months after you're notified that NBN is available in your area.



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