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Monday 8 May, 2017 | By: Hunter Leonard | Tags: small business, smart business, business relationships

In today’s rough and tumble world, consumers have come to expect they will be let down by the companies they deal with. Have you ever been disappointed by a company or brand?

They expect at some stage to spend a lot of time on the phone waiting for the company whose recorded message says ‘we value your business’ to answer and then proceed to make it very difficult to resolve the issue they are having.

I know this from first hand experience. It took 16 hours on the phone and 12 weeks to get the cable Internet installed in our new business. In the end we had to buy ‘dongles’ from another company so we could operate our business while we waited for the installation. It got so ridiculous that an installer arrived at 7.30am one day and wouldn’t install the cable because someone had forgotten to put an ‘A’ on our address – despite the company name, my name and the location being correct.

In this article, I want to give you some tips on how you can be unexpectedly amazing and surprise your customers and win their business for life.

With a world that is set up for disappointment, it doesn’t take a lot to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Here are a few examples I’ve seen lately:

1. A car service business that washes every customers car on completion of the service. The business is booming and their referral rate is very high due to delighted customers.

2. A local organic butcher who sells premium meats. He always adds a a couple of sample burgers or sausages to the customer’s order. Given the premium nature of his product, giving free product is seen as incredibly high value. He reports to me a very strong customer loyalty and new people coming in all the time.

3. A local plumber who has a checklist for his staff on how to treat the customers home. They always turn up in clean clothing, shoes are taken off at the door and when they finish at the toilet, sink or tap – every surface is cleaned and all offcuts and rubbish is removed. If you’ve ever had a plumber do work at your house, you’d know how rare this is.

mechanic Service

4. A local restaurant that gets you to provide your contact details and birth date. They then call a couple of weeks before your birthday and book you in for a free meal. This restaurant is always busy whereas nearby competitors have patchy bookings.

5. The local landscaping business that has a formula for calling customers three times in relation to deliveries. Once a delivery is booked in, they will call the night before to confirm. Again on the morning of the delivery and then finally after the delivery to check if everything is to the clients satisfaction.

These are five examples of business owners who are making the effort to be unexpectedly amazing. They stand out because they’ve taken the time to care about what is important to the customer. They know how frustrating a failure to deliver on a promise can be.

They do the unexpected because they know it will stick in the customers mind and that will be translated to positive word of mouth and referrals. Doing a little bit extra may cost you something - but the time, energy and cost in picking up new customers and keeping existing customers for many years is well worth the effort.

Compare the lifetime value of a single coffee purchase of $4 to the value of a customer who buys a cup every day for 5 years ($7300) and you’ll see the benefits of going the extra mile to keep them happy. If a customer was ever unhappy with their coffee – you’d make them a new one right?

 What can you do to be unexpectedly amazing for your clients today?

Hunter Leonard

About the contributor:

Hunter Leonard is The Marketing Chef. His passion for the past 25 years has been to help business owners find their sweetspot and build a better marketing strategy. Hunter has benchmarked over 1200 business owners to understand their needs and wants in regards to marketing. He has won six major marketing awards for effectiveness, contributed to over $2b in sales growth for his clients, and consulted directly to more than fifty companies in 20 different industries. Website:

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