CCIQ ecoBiz learning from the past, planning for the future

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While the Paris accord on climate change might be centre stage at the moment, CCIQ and members of its ecoBiz program are making real-world energy savings at a grassroots level.

CCIQ has delivered the successful ecoBiz program for three-and-a-half years now.

In this time, CCIQ has been instrumental in helping organisations cut their energy, water and waste bills by an average of 16 per cent. The program has saved ecoBiz partners a staggering $255,000.

Program Coordinator Alex Hayes-Graham said CCIQ ecoBiz Star Partners have saved almost 7350 tonnes of CO₂ - equivalent to 2880 cars being taken off the road every year. 

“The CCIQ ecoBiz program encourages Queensland’s small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to develop eco-efficiency strategies that reduce their energy and water consumption and waste generation to enable them to be more competitive and resilient moving into the future,” he said.

CCIQ ecoBiz Star Partners have saved on average approximately:

•           5 per cent of their energy costs

•           19 per cent of their water costs

•           22 per cent of their waste costs

Mr Hayes-Graham said the ecoBiz program utilises a unique combination of tools for SMEs, including one-on-one coaching with sustainability experts, online resources, webinars, workshops and events.

“To date, CCIQ ecoBiz has been amazingly successful in all areas,” he said.

“Almost 100 businesses have achieved ecoBiz Star Partnership and more than 700 businesses have received personalised, one-on-one coaching sessions, which provide tailored advice on how to reduce their energy, water and waste costs.

“And more than 1000 people have attended over 100 ecoBiz workshops.”

Mr Hayes-Graham said to ensure the program provides SMEs with the highest quality and most up-to-date information, it was undergoing a review and evaluation phase.

“This review and evaluation phase, which began in March, is vital to ensure the evolution of the program, as it will allow us to review the learnings to date,” he said.

“It will help determine what the future format could be with the program partners; the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development (ACSBD).

“This review will position the program to build upon the successes achieved so far, with the aim of assisting more Queensland businesses to compete, invest and profit through eco-efficiency initiatives.

“We are always looking to enhance measures that reduce SMEs’ operating costs, while also improving their environmental performance, enabling them to compete on an increasingly global scale.”

Mr Hayes-Graham said the tools and resources on the CCIQ ecoBiz website will remain active during the review and businesses are encouraged to access the webinars, fact sheets and tool kits.

If you have not signed up to the ecoBiz program yet and are keen on making substantial savings to your energy, water and waste bills, then contact CCIQ ecoBiz at or 1300 731 988.


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