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Federal Budget 2017 Wrap Up

Tuesday 9 May, 2017 | By: James Flaherty

FISCAL 1 Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2017-18 Budget in Canberra tonight, and it contains a series of targeted measures to help small business grow and employ. This is ultimately an ‘education and infrastructure’ budget, but small business will welcome the extension of the instant asset write-off, a focus on regulatory reform, strong infrastructure investment, and a national skilling fund.  Read more.

Financial Distress: The 10 Warning Signs

Wednesday 3 May, 2017 | By: Optimum Recoveries | Tags: cash flow, cash management, cash terms, recoup debt

It adds up that if a business is experiencing financial difficulty, there’s a good chance that invoices won’t get paid on time, and potentially not at all. That’s bad news for your bottom line. At Optimum Recoveries we’re here to help, so we thought we’d share our top *10 warning signs* that a business is in financial distress with you. Read more.

Bullying in the workplace, is your business’ reputation being put on the line?

Tuesday 2 May, 2017 | By: Andrea Doyle | Tags: small business, smart business, workplace bullying

It was a key story in the newspaper. That must be good for business, right? All publicity is good publicity, isn’t it?
Hmm, if the story is regarding a claim made by a current/former employee about how they have been treated poorly in your workplace, I wouldn’t be thinking that’s a great way to showcase a business.
Read more.