Good social media can make or break your business

Thursday 7 April, 2016 | By: Tracie Eaton | Tags: social media, marketing, customer feedback

Social media is proving a valuable tool to increase brand awareness with your target audience.

Tracie Eaton, from Trove Online, says that when used well, you are connecting with people who are interested in you, what you do, what you are interested in.

But, like all marketing activities, social media is not a ‘magic pill’. It works in alignment with both other online activities and offline activities.

A business needs to be seen at least three times for people to feel they can trust you.

Social media provides a fabulous platform to ensure your audience is reinforcing the fabulous work you do. Reviews, comments, posts all help potential clients to understand your brand, feel they can trust you.

Social media has value beyond just marketing; used to the fullest, it connects with every part of your organisation's business.

So, how can we get the best from social platforms.

1. It’s all about them

Your audience does not want to always hear about you. They want to understand and engage in conversations outside of you. The biggest mistake you can make on social media is to sell constantly.  Rule of thumb: 3:1 – three posts about your industry, fun things or moments, happy clients and one post that ‘sells’ your brand specifically.

2. Become so useful customers turn to you first, out of habit.

Quite simply, think, what problems do I solve for my clients?  It is all about what you can do for them.

Ask yourself: "What problem can we offer a clever, unorthodox or novel solution to? Might this give us an excuse to talk about our product in creative ways that bring value to customers? Or stay in touch with customers in ways that allow us to prompt more behaviours?"

Blog, tweet, and post more to solve customers' problems and less to offer discounts, gain attention, or "share your culture."

3. Use the insights you gain to adjust your targeting.

It might be easier to track your progress with qualitative measures such as comments, or even case studies and stories.

But here are a few other examples of benefits you might realise every day from social media that can help you understand how well you are targeting your audience, how well your business is perceived:

1.            Customer feedback

2.            Market insight

3.            Brand advocates and influencers

4.            Publicity (reporters/bloggers are all over Twitter)

5.            Brand awareness

6.            Solutions to problems

7.            Connections to new partners and suppliers

8.            Cost-effective customer service

9.            Event marketing

10.          Recruiting

4. Map social media efforts to business goals and determine metrics of success.

What is the reason you are engaging in social media activities? Or are you just ‘doing it’ because you are told you should.

Choosing the right platform means not only understanding your clients, but ensuring you are clear about what ROI means for your company and your efforts. Is it total number of sales or qualified leads?

Is it total number of growth in number of influencers and advocates? Or is it time saved by customer support not having people wait in a phone queue?

Establish the goals and clear metrics you're looking for, then determine what strategies and tactics will help you achieve those goals.

5. Align social media efforts with traditional marketing activities.

Social media needs to be recognised as another communication channel – one with a built-in capability to capture consumer feedback, often in real-time.

Align your social media strategy with the broader product marketing strategy; one supports the other. The key is to coordinate these activities.

At the end of the day, have fun. Be conversational, be real, be authentic. And your audience will love you.

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