Grants Guru aiming to be on the money with his business

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David O’Leary is known as the Grants Guru, helping not-for-profits grow by assisting them with grant and funding applications.

David (pictured below), a CCIQ member featured in The Week, is like many small businesses, with his own growth through word-of-mouth.

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However, he wants his Grants Guru business get bigger too and attract more clients.

His plans include a website, social media and expanding the business in Queensland and possibly further afield.

Read more David below.

Business background:

I am a single person operation providing assistance to not-for-profit community organisations (specialising in sport and recreation) with applications for grants to all tiers of Government and the corporate sector.

I previously worked with a state sporting organisation (AFL Qld) for 12 years and prior to that the Queensland Public Service. I have also been a volunteer for over 30 years, including being on the Board of Volunteering Queensland for three years.  This has including all facets of volunteering with a local sporting club from president to coach to groundsman to fundraiser.

I love my job because …

I help community clubs fulfil a dream which in the end supports the broader community. I work on a simple belief that “quality facilities will help attract participants to their club which means local communities become healthier, stronger and prouder”.

Assisting community organisations attract significant funding/grants to help improve their facilities is an incredible feeling of satisfaction and one never tires of seeing volunteers excited by that magic word, “approved”.

My goals for 2016 and beyond:

My business has grown via word of my mouth however it is becoming more important I develop a website this year along with social media connection. I am also keen to grow my business further afield.

What are the biggest challenges facing your industry today?

In terms of challenges, I need to continue to expand my reach to community organisations throughout Queensland.

I am also confronted with what I charge to ensure my business is viable compared to what a community organisation might be able to afford to pay as many “are running on the smell of an oily rag”.

Finally, as a business, trying to find business support and guidance around tax, superannuation and those types of issues is something which I need assistance with.

Give us your best tips for business success:

  • As an individual operator, it is critical to be organised as deadlines can creep up very quickly on you
  • I also need to minimise distractions so I can meet the deadlines
  • Be assured I have maximised the chances of any application lodged by clubs/organisation
  • And finally it is important in my job to be positive, honest and be happy.



David O’Leary

The Grants Guru

M1 Business Centre

3972 Pacific Highway


0437 88 1962


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