How to get your departments working together to grow your business

Wednesday 16 March, 2016 | By: Default Admin | Tags: business units, business culture

The strategy of building a culture that has your business units working together to achieve your organisations key objectives is vital for any small business.

Cynthia Thomas, national sales and collections managers for Austral Mercantile Collections, says that regardless the size of an organisation, one of the main challenges can be around internal communication.

“Different teams who perform a specific core function often don’t understand what their colleagues in other business units specialise in and how every business unit contributes to the big picture in achieving organisational success,” she said. 

Some key areas for consideration include:

  • People – do your people understand your organisation’s vision?
  • Culture – how do you engage your workforce?
  • Processes – how do your teams all fit in the puzzle?
  • Business units interaction – do your teams work together to achieve the company’s shared objectives?
  • Benefits to your business – by having an engaged, streamlined and supportive workforce
  • Case study – an example of the sales and finance division working together

Ms Thomas says it can often involve implementing some simple changes to achieve benefits from streamlining the sales and operation team.

“An important element of our success in this area has been around having a transparent workforce that is engaged, all have the same desire to meet the customer’s needs (both internally and externally) and working together to understand how each role effects the next,” she said. 

“It is crucial to the success of an organisation that staff have an understanding on what the ramifications of our decisions are should we not assess risk and only focus on closing a deal. 

“Identifying potential risks and applying sound business decisions in order to grow your business is vital and having an engaged workforce that understands all of the internal processes can only benefit your organisation and customers.

“We look forward to sharing our ideas and concepts with you and providing useful tips that you can share with your own organisations.”

Austral will be presenting a webinar on March 23, which will give insight into having people in your organisation engaged and working together.

Register here for the webinar How to get your departments working together to grow your business


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