Pay during stand down & severe weather

Thursday 30 March, 2017 | By: Default Admin

Due to the current weather conditions the Employer Assistance Team will be operating on skeleton staff today. 

If your matter is urgent please email the EA Team at and a member of the team will be in contact with you as soon as practical. 

Please be mindful that due to the potential high volume of calls and the current weather conditions impacting information technology services this may not be as quick as you would like.  Rest assured we will endeavor to respond to your enquiry promptly.

CCIQ members are able to send their employees home if there is no useful work for them to do because of severe weather (including floods, bushfires, tropical cyclones)

This can only happen if the reason for the stand down was out of the employer's control.

Employees can't be stood down just because there is not enough work.

Pay during stand down & severe weather

An employee is not paid during a stand down period.

What should I pay my employees during stand down to severe weather?

An employee is not paid during a stand down period. However, an employer can be flexible and consider other options that will allow an employee to be paid.

The employer can consider letting employees:

  • take a period of paid leave, such as annual leave
  • work at another location such as from home or another work site.
Inclement or severe weather

Inclement weather is when it is unsafe or unreasonable for an employee to work because of severe weather conditions.

Awards, enterprise agreements and other registered agreements can set out:

  • what inclement weather includes
  • what employees and employers have to do when there is inclement weather.

If an employer stands down an employee because of a natural disaster, they don't have to make inclement weather payments. 

CCIQ members are advised to consider employee safety during this period of severe weather.

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