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One of the most common stress points for a small business owner is a lack of time. “Reclaim your time, and life!” is a half-day workshop I run which helps business owners build an ideal work-life balance and get back their free time. With this workshop, I’ve written an eBook which highlights some top tips to get your time back.

Here are two tips to help you get started on reclaiming your life:

1. Make the best use of your time

By clearly understanding where you spend your time in your business, you can begin to see how productive you are every day.

Getting stuck in the routine of office work can be detrimental to your individual productivity. Monitoring your time and changing your focus can mean you become more effective at your work, facilitating the time for a proper work-life balance.


  • Monitor your day by sorting your time into revenue generating and non-revenue generating activities like Productive, Unproductive and Working On the Business.
  • Code the time into categories like the above by using colours for easy identification.

You will start to notice where your time is going and you will naturally start to change how you spend your time.

2. Task prioritisation

Prioritise every task which needs to be completed, or is completed regularly into categories (critical, important, functional, optional, unimportant). This will help you understand if you are spending time on tasks which are less important.

Inefficient task choices cannot only cost personal time but time and money in your business. Overloading inefficient tasks onto yourself which can be delegated elsewhere can too impact your work-life balance. 


  • Make a list of everything you do. Everything!
  • Use the list to allocate, or chunk, them into the sections - Critical, Important, Functional, Optional, Unimportant.
  • Delegate the unimportant and optional tasks. Use the spare time instead to build more income and to focus on critical and important tasks.

In my latest FREE eBook, “Choice Balance and Freedom”, I share these and 13 more top tips, which supports small business owners to grow profits, reclaim quality free time and reduce stress in the process!

Download Adam’s FREE ebook here:

Pink Bamboo Frampton

About Adam Frampton & Pink Bamboo:

Adam Frampton from Pink Bamboo Business Growth specialises in his work with businesses who want to grow. He challenges them; reconnecting them with their cultural and commercial vision; creating a clear and well-defined path to that vision; ultimately giving them the freedom and growth they seek.


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