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Thursday 3 March, 2016 | By: Default Admin | Tags: SEO, innovation, keywords, digital strategy

The way we use the internet has changed radically in the past 10 years.

Simon Dell, founder and managing director of TwoCents Group, says that from the arrival and evolution of social media, to the increase in speed and content distribution, the web has become more and more embedded in our business and personal lives.

“However, there have been some things that have remained as a constant and one of those is how many digital journeys still begin with basic search functionality,” he said.

“It’s still estimated that 93 per cent of the those journeys start there, and because of this, your ranking in search engines is just as important as ever.

“Rank number one, and you can expect to see over 33 per cent of the traffic on that keyword visit your website. Rank number five and it drops to 6 per cent.

“And of course, the more relevant traffic that comes to your website, the more business you can generate.”

Mr Dell said the Google algorithm that decides who comes up on top is a complicated piece of software.

“While people have tried to game the system over the years, that algorithm has become smarter and smarter and more accurate in interpreting the user’s wants,” he said.

“In total, Google uses over 200 cues in working out who should be where, so writing a great blog and hoping a few people read it won’t go far to boosting your rankings.”

Mr Dell said ranking higher on Google can be seen as a “dark art”.

“Many businesses have spent (and wasted) thousands of dollars in trying to get to the top; good (and transparent) SEO agencies are few and far between.

“In fact, SEO is more and more entwined in a good overall digital strategy than it has ever been.

“Things like e-newsletters, social media, content, Adwords, website user experience - and even off-line strategies - all contribute to a good ranking.

“The message is clear: SEO is a vital part of growing your business and should be ignored at your peril.”


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