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Bullying in the workplace, is your business’ reputation being put on the line?

Tuesday 2 May, 2017 | By: Andrea Doyle | Tags: small business, smart business, workplace bullying

It was a key story in the newspaper. That must be good for business, right? All publicity is good publicity, isn’t it?
Hmm, if the story is regarding a claim made by a current/former employee about how they have been treated poorly in your workplace, I wouldn’t be thinking that’s a great way to showcase a business.
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Bullies, beware

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: HR, bullying, culture

Name-calling, nasty text messages, gossip or just sheer physical abuse… bullying is so childish we like to think even children should be above it. However, bullying is common among adults, too. Especially at work. Read more.