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Why profit is just as important as cashflow

Monday 13 February, 2017 | By: Default Admin | Tags: small business, cashflow, profit, start up

When people start out in business, they often think that as long as there is money in the bank, they’re doing ok. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Think about it for a minute. Do you look at your bank account and if there’s money in the account think that you’re ok, that you have enough to pay the wages, the rent and other bills you know are due? Read more.

The Rise of the Cashless Economy

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: finance, products, productivity, cashflow

Through credit cards, computers, smartphones and embedded microchips, money is no longer a physical currency you put in your pocket. The era of centralised money - bits of paper and metal, backed by the State - is pretty much over. Decentralised money - bits of information, backed by user identity - is upon us. Read more.