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Why “farming” is as good as “hunting” when it comes to marketing

Wednesday 24 May, 2017 | By: Default Admin | Tags: small business, smart business, marketing

Forgive me if this title sounds like I’m recommending you treat your customers like cattle or sheep, waiting there ready to be milked or shorn! I’m simply using an analogy and it is absolutely not the way I want you to treat your customers. I’d like you to look at this in the context of you running a profitable, sustainable and long lived business.

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Do you give your brand the attention it deserves?

Friday 17 March, 2017 | By: Andrew Griffiths | Tags: business owners, branding, marketing, IP

Most of us understand branding when it comes to buying things. We tend to have our favourite brands in clothing, perhaps electrical items, cars, food, restaurants and pretty much everything we buy. Even if particular brands aren’t out favourite, we might value some other quality that is important to us. For example a budget airline that we know offers us the cheapest fare but lousy service can still be considered a favourite brand. Read more.

5 reasons you need to be mobile-friendly

Tuesday 14 February, 2017 | By: Allan O’Donnell | Tags: SEO, online strategy, digital marketing

Your website is your business card to the world. But is it enough to have a website that looks great on desktop devices? Definitely not - if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, you could be missing out on a serious amount of business. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to be mobile-friendly to maximise your online efforts. Read more.

Once Upon a Brand - the Importance of Brand Stories

Thursday 29 September, 2016 | By: Colin Fruk | Tags: branding, marketing

Whether they be smart, savvy, emotive or humorous, brands rely on brand stories to connect with their customers. Why? Stories make life interesting and they make people listen. In fact, research shows that our brains become more active[]when we engage in a captivating story. Read more.

SEO, Strategy and LinkedIn: It Is Not All About You

Saturday 17 September, 2016 | By: Kylie Chown | Tags: SEO, Linkedin, digital marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to businesses being found online. Both within Google and LinkedIn. Often I speak to clients, and they develop their SEO around what they think. But it is not all about them! It’s also about the keywords your ideal audience would use to find you. Read more.