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How to use ‘Expensive Questions’ to boost sales

Tuesday 16 August, 2016 | By: Graham McGregor | Tags: marketing, strategy, sales, premium content

Many years ago I was making a presentation on sales training programmes to a sales manager. My problem was that I was doing all the talking and my presentation was going nowhere fast. I had a new salesperson with me at the time and he was a lot smarter than me. He could see I was making no headway so he waited till I paused for breath. Then he asked the sales manager a simple question. Read more.

Marketing on a shoestring budget

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: marketing, sales

For many SME businesses, the marketing budget is often small or non-existent. But taking a smart, integrated and planned approach can help your marketing effort and cost. Read more.

Love Thy Customer

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: sales, marketing, CRM, products

Don't think of collecting customers' data as a shortcut to their wallets. Really getting to know the people who buy from you is a little bit like making new social connections.  And just as rewarding if you do it right. Read more.