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Tony Curl, owner and director of Think and Grow Business, has a history of change management, rebuilding culture and results, as well as developing new stores and markets.

Tony says his  greatest satisfaction came after entering a toxic workplace with 150 team members and within four years, turning the store from a poor performer into the store of the year.

His greatest challenge occurred when his business was badly damaged in the 2011 Brisbane Floods. Within three months, with a supportive company and team, the store re-opened. During those three months, the store was completely re-gutted, rebuilt and restocked, and operating successfully again.

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Tony Curl (pictured, right, with CCIQ Regional Manager for Brisbane Tim Shinnick):


•             Your business background

I have spent just under 30 years in retail leadership, leading teams of over 300 team members and managing 23 multi-site locations. I mentored the Future Leaders for Bunnings in addition to my leadership role, supporting 55 team members taking their first steps into front line leaders role during a two-year period.

I am a certified coach from two world-leading experts in leadership today, I have a world-wide network of business leaders and currently continuing studies in the field of human behaviour.

•             The most exciting thing about your work

I love seeing the lights return into the eyes business leaders and see the appreciation they have for the support we provide. Business is a tough game, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely game and support is available for them that provides insight, fresh eyes and thoughts and helps business grow.

I also like having the opportunity to travel when I do workshops and speaking engagements in Australia and overseas.

•             Goals for 2016 and beyond

Our goal for 2016 is to increase our group mentoring programs by 200 per cent.

Our programs are an effective investment for business owners that return a great return on investment.

We know the effectiveness of having someone in your corner and our group mentoring programs give you an inner circle of support for your business.

By continuing to build relationships with CCIQ and our business clients we are seen as a trusted ally for SME business In Brisbane.

•             The biggest challenge facing your business today or the biggest opportunity for businesses today

Our opportunity is to continue to build trust within the business community, and this is also the greatest challenge facing our business as there is a lot of mistrust around business support and the value it drives.

Ultimately it’s our results that builds trust and we deliver.

We deliver a superior return on investment. Our results for business determine our success.

•            TAGB tips for business success

Know your business.

Know why you do what you do.

Know your story and the problem you solve, be persistent, be authentic and give it 100 per cent.

Build relationships, build supportive networks and build a great team around you.


Join Tony at the Spring into the Season with the Four Pillars of Success, a guaranteed goal-getting workshop that will help you take your business to the next level, on August 25.

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